About Us

SummerCrew was established in 1988 by a group of friends who loved hanging out during the summer. As the years passed by they decided that the true, unfettered fun that they have together should not be kept hidden but should be shared with everyone. Throughout the years the name of the group was changed many times but in the last decade or so SummerCrew has prevailed.

Although the establishment of SummerCrew was simply for personal entertainment, as time went by a main objective evolved. With a love for Spicemas and a vision of providing an all-inclusive, premium experience similar to that of our brothers and sisters in Trinidad, headed by Robert Steele & Leslie-Ann Kim Knowles; SummerCrew entered the Grenada Carnival arena with the intention of leading by example; teaming up with IMG Entertainment Company Limited to produce a true Spice Mas experience, which includes our famous Bikini Cruise Party which has won awards on the island as one of the best highlights of Grenada Spice Mas.

Our interests lie not only in the carnival arena; we also wanted to make a difference for the Grenadian public, along with our yacht club parties held at different locations all over the island, SummerCrew also  held the first ever Rave on the island – Raveolution, along with a string of parties that gives an extraordinary party experience. Through the hosting of events and the production of the mass band we have invested in charitable deeds. Although much of the profit of these events goes towards subsidizing the cost of the costumes and packages for our masqueraders, we also put aside donations for the less fortunate of our country.

Within SummerCrew’s development one thing has remained constant, our motto:
Life is for the living! Enjoy it to the fullest! We work hard but party harder!