Masquerader Info

What Does SummerCrew’s Costume Package Include?

* Security

* On-site paramedics, goody bag

* Two security/drinks bands (different colour for each day)

* Drinks chits which are redeemable at our drinks truck (one chit per premium drink). Water or beer drinks will be served off of another truck within the band (no chits needed for masqueraders)

* A souvenir SummerCrew Mug and Goody Bag

* Free entry to our special 'Las Lap Party'

What Does SummerCrew's All-Inclusive Package Include?

SummerCrew’s all-inclusive package includes access to fully stocked alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks trailer truck

Where Can I View SummerCrew’s Costumes?

On line at our website

When Is Costume Registration For SummerCrew's SpiceMas 2017?

SummerCrew's costume registration has begun.

What Do I Need For Costume Registration?

For registration, you need the following:

Size Information:

Ladies:  Bra Size (32A-32DD, 34A-34DD, 36A-36DD, 38A-38DD, 40A-40D),

Hip band Size (in inches),

XS – 26”-28”

Small – 29” – 31”

Medium – 32”-34”

Large – 35” – 37”

XL – 38” – 40”

XXL – 41”45”

Bottom Piece Size: (XS, SM, MED, LG, XL, XXL)

Ladies:  Bra Option (Bra, Monokini Attachment, Whole piece)

Ladies: Bottom Piece option (low-rise regular, low-rise bikini, Whole piece option, Monokini Attachment, Thong, Hot Shorts)

 Men:  Waist Size (in inches)

XS  – 26” – 30”

Small – 32” – 34”

Medium – 36” – 38”

Large – 40”+

Costume Down Payments:

Female Floor member and  Males:              25% of Total or Full Payment

Female Frontlines:                                         50% of Total or Full Payment

Section Leader:                             75% of the cost (Down Payment) Available only on Request.

Please click here for costume measurements instructions.

Always register through SummerCrew's mas camp or via our website to ensure that your registration is valid.

Can I Order Extra Items With My Costumes?

Different costumes may have different additional options and upgrades (you can also request a special order depending on time and availability of materials). Costumes may also come with options for larger headpieces, backpacks and other embellishments at an additional cost. These options will be detailed on the registration page and in the section photo galleries, along with the cost attached.

Can I Bring My Own Bra For Decoration?

For inquiries on bringing in your own bra, please contact us directly at the mas camp or please send an email to Please be advised that the deadline to bring in your own bra is July 31st. After this NO bras will be accepted!

When Do I Collect My Costume?

The costume distribution schedule will be emailed to all masquerades, and posted to our website a few weeks before carnival.  Different sections will have different distribution dates.

Can I Have A Discount On My Package?

Some designers costumes will allow for a discount on Full Payment on particular section package (see website for this offer).

When Do I Need To Pay For My Costume?

Your down payment must be paid upon registration to secure your costume.  Installments can be made towards your costume anytime between your initial down payment and July 31st. After this the outstanding balance must be paid on the day of collection. This final payment can be made in house immediately before collecting the costume (cash only on Collection Day).  Advance payments can be made at SummerCrew’s mas camp (Cash, Credit Card (Visa & MasterCard or LINX) online via Credit Card or PayPal..

After My Deposit, Can I Do Part Payments Online?

Yes you can by creating an account on SummerCrew's e-Commerce site you can pay the deposit then make payments as you go along using PayPal, Visa or Master Card.

I Have A Comment / Complaint – Who Do I Speak To?

Please send any comments to 

How Do I Join The Summer Crew Mailing List?

Send an email to requesting to be added to the mailing list.

Can My Spouse Jump In The Band?

SummerCrew only allows paying masquerades to jump in the band.  We offer a T-Shirt Section for those who want to join in the fun but not ready to play in a costume (see website for prices).